Flat Mountain Yurt

The Flat Mountain Yurt lies below the ridge that separates the upper Wolf Creek drainage and the Chama River basin. It is a 5.2 mile ski that catches the Continental Divide trail then heads up the Wolf Creek drainage to the road that the yurt lies close to. It starts along FR 119 for about a mile. Then one turns south to access the Continental Divide Trail heading away from Cumbres Pass to the west. One stays on the CD Trail until just before the Wolf Creek drainage (2.65 miles, 10,200’). There are lots of great views, interesting terrain, and good skiing while travelling along the CD trail. At this point one heads up the drainage all of the way until it reaches the Forest Road that the Yurt is on (FR 118C, 10.950’). When in the drainage you take the easiest route of travel remaining more or less near the bottom. At the junction with FR 118C one turns north and follows the road, which is mostly level, to the meadow in which the Yurt resides. Of course, the route is the reverse for returning to Cumbres Pass. The return is a quality backcountry ski.

This route does require winter backcountry travel skills. In particular, there is a terrain challenge before and after a creek crossing (2 miles) that may require side stepping and one at a time travel. Also, avoiding any possible run out and trigger zones when travelling up the Wolf Creek drainage. From the yurt one can access the ridge that runs from Cumbres to Wolf Creek Passes. The views into the Chama River Basin from this ridge are breathtaking. The skiing includes the 2500-3000' drop off into this basin. Extended touring intermingled with turns is a highlight of this yurt.

In summer, the yurt is a 2.3 mile hike/bike from the trailhead and lies within a half mile of the Continental Divide trail. This section of the CD trail goes from Flat Mountain to Cumbres Pass and has great hiking and biking with spectacular views, abundant wildlife, wildflowers, and a quality single track trail. The ridge access nearest the yurt has a great view of the sunset.


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