Southwest Nordic Center Yurts Availability

Individual Yurts

This is our up-to-date, monthly Availability Calendar. It shows the availability of all individual yurts. This season due to C0-vid we are accepting only reservations for 2 or more nights. This can make the calendar a little confusing at first glance. If a Yurt is available to reserve then at least the second night is also available! If you do not see a yurt listed for a particular date, it is already reserved or the next night is. Thus it may still be available if the night before can be reserved. Select the first night of your visit then select the number of nights desired and follow the prompts to reserve.

Scroll down for Yurt-to-Yurt availability.

For details, photos, and more information, select an individual Yurt page from the Our Yurts menu above.


Select the Yurt-to-Yurt option that matches your interest. If you would like to reserve the triple Yurt-to-Yurt-to -Yurt trip, or for more information, call us at 575-758-4761.